Five Flowers to Gift on the Mother's Day

Are you thinking about giving a flower bouquet to your dead mum on this Mother’s day?

Well, you are really going an extra mile to express your love - aren’t you?

It’s a good thing, though. And to make your thought come alive, we’re going to offer some of our personal choices that you can give to your mother.

Yes, we will also add what each of these flowers mean too. So, if you want to write a quote on it or do something else to make it more memorable, you’ll get a headstart from here.

Best Mother’s Day Flowers

Whatever we’re going to mention here, you’ll find them in an online flower shop without any issue. And if you are lucky, you can get a little bit of a discount on the price as well. 

Finally, the flowers are going to be delivered at your own house or wherever you want. Thus, it might be much more convenient for you, rather than going to a physical shop.

In any case, let’s not chit-chat anymore about it and get started with our topic now.

1: Tulips

If you have an easy-going and happy mother - tulips can be an excellent choice for you.


Well, to begin with, tulips are considered to be a symbol of pure and unconditional love. And, the blooms of it symbolizes a new start of something. So, if you haven’t talked to your mother and want to get connected again, giving tulips to her might give you a good head start.

2: Daffodils

We understand that you are already a piece of sunshine in your mum’s life. But why don’t you make it a little more apparent by giving her a bouquet of daffodils?

The bright and shiny blooms of the daffodils can shine up anyone’s day. And, they have been considered as a symbol of joy, hope, and an appreciation of living.

Also, you can find daffodils in several different colors, including - orange, pink, and green. So you can pick whatever you want and give it to your mum on their very own, Mother’s Day.

3: Carnations

Carnations are a traditional option that seem to be specifically designed for Mother's Day. The flowers are mostly popular due to their delicate beauty. 

And, they symbolize devotion and love. There’s almost a soft, nostalgic spot for these blooms especially when you are dedicating it to your mother. 

The natural colors of these flowers are shades of purple and pink. However, you can also find these blooms in orange, yellow, white, green, and red. 

4: Lilies

Lily, like carnations, is yet another type of delicate flower that symbolizes happiness and joy. Hence, if you want, you can use it as a ‘welcome, mom’ bouquet as well. 

Furthermore, depending on the color you have chosen, lilies may also convey the meaning of youth and rejoice. So, giving it to your mum might also mean that you are wishing her to live much longer. Now, add the symbolism of sincerity and purity with it - and you are getting the full package of what your mother could have wished for on that special day.

Lilie are known for having a white-ish hue, which refers to the meaning of purity. However, it should be denoted that there’s another variant of the same available out there. 

It is known as Rosea and comes with a pink-ish hue.

5: Anemones

Anemones are widely regarded as the flower of anticipation, as the flowers open during the morning and close when it’s nighttime. Hence, the association of this with how anticipating mums are with their child’s health is quite uncanny.

Moreover, these flowers stand for the meaning of embracing the moment while relaxing too. So, it might be something of a request that you are telling your mother to do. So, in a way, it’s always best to go with anemones if you don’t know what else to do.


Flowers have always held a lot of importance as a gift. And, if you are considering using the same as a gift for your mum on Mother’s Day, we think you’ve made a great choice. 

Just choose anything from the list and write a nice quote about your mother. That’s all! 

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