How to Find the Best Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Attorney for Your Elder Parents

Camp Lejeune is a Marine Corps base in North Carolina that's notorious for being polluted with toxic chemicals. After decades of exposure, many people who lived or worked at Camp Lejeune have filed lawsuits against the federal government. 

According to ATSDR, around one million military and civilian staff and their families might have been exposed. If your elderly parents were stationed there and are now suffering from health problems, you should also consider hiring an experienced lawyer to get the compensation they deserve.

Check Your Parents' Insurance Policy

Before you start the search for an attorney, it is essential that you check your parents' insurance policy and whether it covers the illnesses involved in the Camp Lejeune lawsuit. Although this step may seem tedious, it will help you determine if they have any policies in place and can provide them with some financial support during this difficult time.

  • First, look for life insurance policies because these are generally included in all types of life insurance policies. If a death benefit is paid to beneficiaries upon the passing of the insured person, then there might be some money available for elder care costs.
  • Second, check if your parent has long-term care or health insurance covering additional care needs after leaving their current facility or hospital room where they previously resided. This type of plan pays claims directly to providers on behalf of an individual rather than paying out when someone dies. However, some options allow family members to receive funds when needed too.

Check the Law Firm's Credentials

Next, you should look at the credentials of the attorney. You can check out the state-wise list of personal injury lawyers available on the internet. You want to ensure that they are an attorney who has been board certified in elder law. 

The reason for this is simple. If your parent(s) need a lawyer because of an injury or illness, you must find someone who specializes in this area so that they can help with not just the legal issues but also any related medical ones.

The American Bar Association also offers another good way to check credentials and look for attorneys who are members. This organization includes more than 400,000 lawyers across all 50 states and Washington, DC. 

If your chosen attorney is a member of this prestigious group, chances are good that they know what they're doing when it comes time to represent your loved one's interests in court or advocate on their behalf.

Suppose you see an attorney listing membership in another professional organization such as NALA (the National Academy of Law Attorneys). In that case, chances are even higher that person is well qualified to handle any legal matter facing your family member(s).

Look Into the Attorney's Experience

According to Statista, there were around 1.33 million lawyers in the US in 2022. Therefore, the next thing to consider is the lawyer's experience. You want an attorney who has handled similar cases and can provide helpful advice. 

It will increase your chances of winning since they know what to expect and how to deal with it. The more relevant experience they have, the better they will be able to represent your interests in court.

Similarly, look for an attorney with experience in cases like yours from a legal standpoint. For example, if you need help with a specific type of problem (such as family law), then find an attorney who specializes in this area so that they know exactly what needs doing when working on your case.

Search for Reviews Online

After you've narrowed down your list of candidates, the next step is digging on the web. If a law firm's website lists client reviews, it's worth looking at those. But don't stop there. You should also search for reviews on Google and other review sites to find out what others say about the lawyers in question. It's always wise to take online reviews with a grain of salt, but they can be helpful when used properly in conjunction with other research methods.

Additionally, social media is another excellent resource for finding lawyer reviews. You'll want to check out Facebook pages or Twitter feeds where clients have shared their experiences with confident attorneys. And this goes double if those comments come from people who have been through similar situations as yours.

Meet With the Attorney in Person

It's essential to meet with the attorney in person because they should be able to answer all your questions and address any concerns. If they can't do that face-to-face, it might be a sign that they're not a good fit for you and your parents' case.

You should also make sure that the attorney is willing to meet with both of your parents at once or separately so they can get a feel for their personalities, goals, and needs. A lawyer who isn't willing or able to go out of their way to accommodate such basic requests will probably not be able to offer much else in terms of legal service either.

Your Parents Deserve Someone Dedicated to Helping Them Win Their Case

The attorney you choose for your parents should be friendly and approachable. It's vital that the attorney understands their case but is fearless in explaining it in a way that's easy for them to understand. Your parents will have many questions throughout this process, so their attorney must be able to answer those questions without hesitation.

When looking at how your parent's case will unfold, they must have an attorney dedicated to helping them win their case. It means keeping up with all of the updates from Camp Lejeune attorneys and ensuring that every detail is documented adequately before proceeding with any legal action. 

The last thing you want is for your parent's case against the government to fall through because something wasn't done correctly or on time.


You may be surprised that this information can help you find a good Camp Lejeune lawsuit attorney. There are indeed many lawyers who advertise themselves as experts in military law. 

However, it's important to remember that they don't always have experience with Camp Lejeune claims or other related issues involving veterans. The best way to find an attorney who truly understands your case is by looking for someone with experience working with military families like yours.

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