Is Sudoku Good for Brain?

Number puzzles are an excellent way to entertain yourself, develop abstract thinking, and even prevent some mental illnesses. Sudoku 9x9 easy is the most popular game where you have to guess the right place for numbers. Even 15-20 minutes of gaming a day will have a beneficial effect on your brain.

How Sudoku Develops and Protects Your Brain

  • When starting a Sudoku game, a person is completely distracted from all problems and concentrates on the game. Thus, the player can relieve stress and restore harmonious relationships with the world.
  • The brain’s left hemisphere is responsible for operations with numbers. Therefore, if you regularly overstimulate only the right hemisphere, simple Sudoku for beginners will easily even out the situation.
  • Sudoku prevents the development of dementia in older people. Since players constantly solve problems and train their brain, they significantly reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Escape Sudoku: A Treasure of Sudoku Games

Try Classic or Killer Sudoku games on the Escape Sudoku platform. You can choose different complexity levels, from Easy to Evil, and also set different matrix sizes, from 9x9 to 25x25. If you want your child to operate numbers quickly, offer them games from the “For Kids”, section. It includes matrices of small sizes, such as 4x4 and 6x6.

Why Players Choose the Escape Sudoku Platform

  • Wide collection of Sudoku games of any complexity;
  • Ability to interrupt the game and return to it later;
  • Exciting competitions with other players;
  • Encouragement of players for their achievements.

Escape Sudoku offers the following popular and rare variations of the Sudoku game:

  • Samurai
  • Wordoku
  • X-Sudoku
  • Dots
  • Hyper

The platform's game database is so large that you will always have room to grow. This means your brain will constantly receive new exciting tasks, which will contribute to its development and health.

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