5 Signs Your Elderly Parents Need a Carer

Watching your parents age is a bittersweet thing.

Seeing the toll it takes on them physically, mentally, and emotionally can be heartbreaking if they are not in tip-top shape.

It sure beats the only other option!

So, when it comes to caring for the people who raised us, nothing but the best will do. On that topic, we often stay in denial regarding our parents and their health – we want to believe that they will live forever.

Below are five ways to quickly identify when it is time to call in a carer for your elderly parents:

1. Poor Hygiene Habits

One of the first things that you’ll notice is your parents not being as hygienic as they should be.

That includes not showering or brushing their teeth daily, doing laundry, and not brushing their hair. That could be from them physically struggling to look after themselves like they once did.

2. Dirty Dishes

Having a messy home, with dishes piling up and piles of dirty clothes collecting in the corners is a surefire way to know that your parents need help establishing routines after moving house.

It is often better to look for help and avoid your parents from hurting themselves while cleaning, but sometimes parents insist on taking care of their homes themselves.

That will require you to sit them down with your siblings and talk to them gently, sharing your concerns and offering a helpful solution.

3. Missed Bill Payments

Your mom or dad may be getting forgetful in their twilight years.

While that can be perfectly normal, it can also be a sign of dementia. It is important to get your parents checked out by a doctor if their confusion and forgetfulness start to form a pattern.

Do remember that if your parents don’t do much during their day, each day can quickly blend into the other. That is one possible explanation for them repeating stories or forgetting what they had for breakfast, for example.

If you think your parents need someone to care for them, contact Visiting Angels Kennewick - Senior Home Care Professionals for gentle advice and helpful solutions to suit your needs.

4. Unhealthy Diets

If your parents aren’t keeping fresh, healthy groceries around or they are cooking less and eating more fast food – it is time to intervene. As we age, our bodies need healthy eating habits more and more.

It is natural for them to experience a change in appetite or develop problems with eating rich foods or having trouble swallowing, but there are healthy diets that can work around most health and age-related problems.

5. Frequent Illnesses

If your precious mom or dad is falling ill frequently, that is often a major red flag for them needing extra care.

If they are not bathing often or their homes are dirty, that can lead to more germs and bacteria – not to mention the spread of viruses.

Get your parent checked out by their healthcare provider if you are concerned about repeat illnesses.

To End

Our parents love us more than life itself, and we feel the same way about them.

As hard as it might be to consider their mortality, you should rather shift your focus onto making the last years of their lives comfortable and happy. It is what they deserve.

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