Questions to Ask Prospective Senior Living Centers

What is a senior living community?

A senior living community is a housing facility designed specifically for older adults who can live independently. They require help with daily cooking, cleaning, and transportation. Senior living communities typically offer a variety of amenities and services, such as social and recreational activities, housekeeping and laundry service, and 24-hour security.

How do I choose the right senior living community for my loved ones?

The best way to choose a senior living community is to tour several communities and ask many questions. Some crucial questions to ask when considering a senior living community are as under:

Q.1 What care options do you offer?

Some senior living communities only offer essential assisted living services, while others also provide memory care, skilled nursing, and Rehabilitation. Ensure what level of care your loved ones may need now or in the future so that you can choose a community that can accommodate their changing needs.

Q.2 Is smoking allowed in assisted living?

It is a big question to ask when considering a senior living community. Is smoking allowed in assisted living? Because most senior living communities do not allow smoking inside the residences or common areas. If your loved ones are smokers, ask about the community's smoking policy before deciding.

Q.3 What Is the structure of Accommodation?

When touring a senior living community, see the actual apartment or residence that your loved ones would be living in. Is the unit spacious enough for their needs? Is it clean and well-maintained? Is there a call system in case of an emergency?

Q.4 What Activities Are Available?

Many senior living communities offer a variety of social and recreational activities. Is there an activity calendar available? Do the activities interest your loved ones? Is transportation provided to and from off-site activities?

Q.5 What Is the Dining Experience?

Many seniors living in assisted living communities enjoy the social aspect of dining with their peers. Is the dining room clean and inviting? Is there will be a variety of menu options? Is the food prepared fresh and nutritious?

Q.6 Are staff onsite 24/7?

It's important to know that someone will always be available to help your loved ones with their needs, day or night. Ask about the staffing levels at the senior living community and what type of training the staff members have.

Q.7 Is Memory Care Available?

Choosing a senior living community that offers memory care is essential if your loved ones are living with dementia or Alzheimer's. Memory care for seniors with dementia is specialized care that includes specific activities and therapies designed to improve cognitive function and quality of life.

Q.8 Is Transportation Available?

Ask about the community's transportation policy if your loved ones do not have transportation. Is there a shuttle service for residents? Is there a transport charge? Is advance notice required for transportation requests?

Q.9 What Is the Move-In Process?

When you're ready to move your loved ones into a senior living community, it's essential to know the move-in process. Is there a waiting list? Is there a fee for moving in? How much is the duration of notice required before moving in?

Q.10 What are your monthly and additional costs?

Ensure all the costs associated with living in the community, including monthly fees, utility costs, and any additional charges for services or amenities. It's important to know what your loved ones will be responsible for financially so that there are no surprises down the road.

Q.11 Is there a waitlist?

Some senior living communities have a waitlist for admission. Ask about the length of the waitlist and the process for getting your loved ones on the list.

Q.12 What Are the available Food Options?

In addition to the dining room, most senior living communities also have a cafe or restaurant. Is there a variety of food options available? Is the food fresh and nutritious? Is there a charge for meals?

Q.13 What Is the Security Like?

Security should be on top priority when choosing a senior living community. Is the community gated? Is the security guard on duty 24/7? Is there a system to monitor who comes and goes from the community?

Q.14 What Is the Maintenance policy?

Ask about the community's maintenance policies and procedures. How often are the common areas cleaned? Who is responsible for maintaining the grounds? Is there a charge for maintenance services?

Q.15 What Is the Pet Policy?

Many seniors living in assisted living communities enjoy the companionship of a pet. Ask about the community's policy on pets. Any objection to the size of the pet? Are there any charges for having a pet?

Is there a designated area for walking pets?

Q.16 What Is the Continuum of Available Medical Care?

One of the benefits of living in an assisted living community is having access to onsite medical care. Ask about the continuum of available medical care, from essential health services to more complex skilled nursing care. Is there a charge for medical services? Is insurance accepted?

The Bottom Line

It is the challenging task of Choosing the right assisted living community for your loved ones; it is also a big decision. Be sure to ask plenty of questions to understand what the community has to offer clearly. With the correct information, you can be confident that you're making the best decision for your loved ones' future.

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