Designing a Safe Environment for Seniors Living Alone Using 3D Interior Rendering Services

The modern term for older people living on their own as opposed to with family or in retirement homes is the rather alien-sounding term "aging in place". What the term refers to is people who choose to stay in their own homes as they grow older. This is the unfortunate result of western society's glorification of the individual.

So, now we have put processes in place to ensure that elderly individuals living on their own are as safe as possible. 3D interior rendering can help with this societal challenge.

General design requirements

Anywhere that seniors live has basic design implications that apply to the entire living area and each room.

  • No stairs - ramps instead of stairs
  • Wide doorways if possible
  • No entries with steps
  • No scatter rugs
  • Open plan with few obstructions
  • No round door knobs – install lever-style handles
  • Attention to colors – contrasting colors to assist with depth perception

Bathroom requirements

3D interior rendering services can illustrate how a bathroom can be customized for the elderly. Bathrooms are notorious for causing fatal and nonfatal injuries because of slippery tile floors often covered with one or two small rugs.  

3D architectural interior rendering services can illustrate all different safety elements via 3D renderings. 3D rendering software includes vast object libraries that help designers to include any element required to ensure that bathrooms don't pose a danger for seniors living alone. These include:

  • Toilets at the proper height
  • Toilet seat extenders
  • Different kinds of shower seats
  • Anti-slip coatings for tubs and showers
  • Slip-resistant floor treatments
  • Grab bars next to the toilet, bath and in the shower
  • Various choices in walk-in showers and tubs

Kitchen requirements

Older people have special requirements when using a kitchen. Appliances should be within easy reach and cabinets shouldn't be too low or too high. Ideally, the person shouldn't have to move around too much.

A 3D interior rendering company can also use its extensive appliance and cabinet libraries to develop and illustrate the ideal kitchen solutions for seniors living alone.

These include adjusting the height of the sink and countertops so they are at the optimal height and allowing for a shallow sink and hands-free faucet.

A 3D interior visualization studio can design a pull-out pantry that lets an individual see everything at a glance without having to move things around to locate an item.

A 3D rendering can illustrate under-cabinet lighting and the layout of the kitchen with the sink close to the stove, so hot pots don't have to be carried across the kitchen. After consultation with the client, any necessary adjustments can be made within minutes.

Bedroom requirements

3D interior rendering services will consider the physical limitations of older people and use their design skills and object libraries to create a bedroom optimal for senior living.

For instance, the 3D rendering can illustrate different kinds of beds for seniors and people with physical limitations. The optimal height is 20-23” from the top of the mattress to the floor.

Bedrooms for seniors can be customized in terms of design and furniture. While providing the best in safety elements like bed rails, and motion-sensor lights between the bedroom and bathroom, high-quality 3D interior visualization can also experiment with different layouts, furniture, and combinations of colors and materials in order to personalize an older person's bedroom. For instance, the designer can make sure to leave enough room for a favorite easy chair and a nightstand placed at the same height as the bed.

Create the ideal living space

3D architectural interior rendering services can produce 3D floor plans of a home, showing each room as it will look like once all the design and safety elements have been implemented. A 3D rendering will show how the chosen lighting, furniture, safety elements, and textures will work together to help an older person aging in place maintain their independence.

Their advanced 3D visualization tools enable 3D architectural interior rendering services to create beautiful, functional, and safe living spaces for seniors.

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