A Guide to the Different Types of Monuments

Choosing the right monument to permanently honor and remember your loved one is a big decision. There are lots of different factors you must consider, such as your budget, the cemetery you’ve chosen, and the overall look and feel you would like it to have. Your loved one’s resting place should be a beautiful tribute to them, and selecting the perfect monument is a major part of that. Read on to learn about a few of the different types of monument you can choose.

1. Upright Single Monuments

The most popular type of grave marker, upright monuments are a classic choice. They are highly customizable, allow for a large amount of space for lettering and imagery, and are visible from a distance. A monument company can work with you to craft an upright marker into any shape you prefer. While in some ways the extra height can be a positive element, it also makes them more susceptible to damage. If your cemetery is located in an area that experiences a lot of windy, snowy, and/or stormy weather, this might not be the most suitable choice. Conversely, however, they are usually made from material that is designed to stand up to weathering damage, especially with routine, proper care. Most often, granite is used in these monuments for its affordability and aesthetic appeal.

2. Double Monuments

Many families choose to invest in a double monument. These are a popular choice for family plots or sections of a cemetery in which many related individuals are buried. Double monuments are typically for spouses, but they can be for any set of people who would like to be interred together. The stone can be inscribed to designate and honor the relationship and love between the two people. Before choosing this option, make sure your cemetery allows for double burials, as some do not have the space.

3. Memorial Benches

Granite benches are quickly becoming a more popular choice. Since a loved one’s resting place is often intended to be a place family and friends can come to spend time reflecting and feeling close to them, a bench is a practical choice. Benches are most frequently installed outside of cemeteries, however. They can be placed in parks, houses of worship, or a variety of other areas. If you would like to dedicate a memorial bench, work with your monument company to determine the best location as well as other customization options.

4. Columbaria

Cremation is a popular choice in terms of burial options, and they are often accompanied by columbaria. A columbarium is a structure used to house and store urns or other vessels containing created remains. They can be built in a variety of sizes and customized according to your specific aesthetic ideas. Columbaria are a great choice for families as they offer ample space and can even be outfitted with benches and other features.

5. Mausoleums

A mausoleum is a classic choice for memorializing a loved one or loved ones. Much like a columbarium, a mausoleum can be used for multiple people. They usually contain compartments, or crypts, which house casketed remains. They can be made rather small or quite large depending on your intended usage. They can also be designed to allow for visitors and are a great choice in areas where in-ground burial is not an option due to soil characteristics. This is a dignified choice that many families appreciate for the designated space for reflection and private connection with the deceased individual. Like the other types of monuments, they can be customized and designed according to a wide variety of factors.

In Conclusion

If you are interested in memorializing your loved one with a unique monument, it is important to consider your options. There are lots of beautiful, meaningful ways to develop a space for remembering and feeling close to them. Work with an experienced monument company to design and install a perfect monument to permanently honor your loved one.

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